3. The Emotional Body

The emotional body and the emotional aura

The emotional body is the third-densest body after the physical and etheric bodies. It occupies approximately the same space as the physical body, although its aura can extend up to several meters around it. In it, we experience, as the name suggests, our emotions. Unresolved emotions are primarily stored in the chakras. Through the emotional aura, we send these vibrations into our environment and attract corresponding people and experiences.

What happens in the body system when emotions are stored?

1. Respective thoughts can emerge from time to time from the subconscious mind.

2. The stored emotions block the free flow of energies.

3. Among other areas they are stored in the respective chakras, thereby limiting their function and changing our perception of ourselves and the world.

4. They often subsequently cause changes in the physical body. The function of muscles, organs and glands, for example, is restricted, which can lead to illness.

In the oldest text of Hinduism, the 'Vedas', whose origin is dated to between 1700-1100 BC, this phenomenon has already been described, and these emotions stored in the body system are called 'Samskaras' (imprints, impressions, stored memories) there.

The more of these negative samskaras one accumulates in one's body system over time, the more one's natural sense of joy, love, and enthusiasm for life becomes clouded. Our mind becomes polluted, the flow of life force energy within us is reduced, and our physical body is restricted. So samskaras are one reason why you don't feel as good in your body system as possible.

What can you do now to release these samskaras from the body?

That's exactly what the healing meditation later on in this section is (also) good for. With this healing work, we bring more Light (awareness) and Love (unconditional love) into our bodies and, therefore, bring lower vibrations to the surface or release them immediately.

Sutra 1.39 “Even through immersion in love (the spiritual field is cleared).”

Our emotions are like a compass

Yes, they show us the way to the perspective of the Higher Self! As mentioned in section II. Five Bodies Yoga - Part 1: SELF-healing, we can use our emotions like a compass to guide us to the truth. If we feel a negative emotion, then that means that something is wrong with the thought(s) we just had - in other words: something of the view that we have about this topic does not match our Higher Self's view about it. If we then change the way we look at it, the emotion we subsequently create also changes. This means we can, without a doubt, recognize that we create our own emotions with our mind (consciously or unconsciously).

What is being done in this healing meditation?

1. You bring attention in the heart center
2. You activate love in the heart center and open yourself up for the flow of this love
3. You bring attention and this love to the area in your body system where you wanna have it

After we have cleared our energy pathways in the etheric body with the previous exercise, we have created the perfect grounds to now work on the even subtler level of emotions. We now flood the body system with love energy to help transform pent-up emotions. This technique is both a meditation and healing work. You focus your mind and move your attention away from thinking while simultaneously cleansing all of your bodies, chakras, and energy channels with love energy!

Why is it actually called healing 'work'? ...because what you do in self-healing is actual work. Nice work, tough, but work nonetheless; it requires your time, your dedication, and your discipline.

But now...

Healing meditation with love energy - Instructions

1. Bring your attention (as you have already learned) to the heart chakra in the center of the chest, and then bring both hands (one hand above the other) to the heart. Keep your hands about 5 cm away from your body as we work in the emotional aura.

2. Then activate love in the heart chakra by saying internally, for example, 'I go in resonance to unconditional love'. With each subsequent breath, let yourself fall deeper and deeper into the feeling of unconditional love in your heart.

Image meditation seat with hands on the heart

3. Now when you feel love in your heart, think, feel and visualize while you breathe in: 'I bring this love through my arms into my hands...'

4. While breathing out, think, feel and visualize: '...and let it flow into my heart and from there into my entire body'.

5. In the following breaths, you can then just think, feel, and visualize 'love' when you breathe in and out while you let the love energy flow.

Feel the love that comes from the heart and that flows through your arms into your hands, and then back into the heart and the entire body as deeply as possible. You should also become more and more relaxed, and your breathing should slow down significantly (especially when exhaling).

You can also experiment a bit with what you say to yourself internally... e.g., when breathing in "I am love" and as you breathe out: 'I bring this love into each of my cells'.

In this exercise, we let love flow into the heart, as it is the most important center in the body. This love also flows into the blood in the heart, and therefore, is then also distributed through the blood stream throughout the body. You can also let love flow into other areas of the body, such as organs or chakras, to create healing there if you want. 

To do this, simply place your hands over the respective chakra/area and first create love in the heart chakra again. Then guide it through the arms into the hands, and as you exhale into the chakra/area you want to heal. By the way, you can do this exercise anytime and anywhere, even without using your hands. It's a little less effective without hands, but still very effective.

After you have done the exercise, briefly notice how you feel inside.

The extent of the healing effect this meditation has depends entirely on the intensity of love you are able to generate and how deeply you can let it flow into your body!

An alternative practice to the technique 'Healing meditation with love energy' which is also very effective for getting pent-up emotions flowing in the body, is an exercise that I call 'Unconditional Acceptance''. Furthermore you can also clear your main chakras with the 'Chakra Healing with Unconditional Acceptance and Love Energy' method. You can learn these two techniques in one of my personal courses or in the planned video course.

What does the science say about this?

See the section 'What does science say about this?' from chapter II. Five Bodies Yoga - Part 1: SELF-healing

And now we move on to... 4. The Mental Body