Five Bodies Yoga Basic Exercises

In this personally guided group or individual session, you will learn about the individual exercises of the Five Bodies Yoga basic exercise series, what effects they have, and how to practice them correctly.

If there are new participants, i will briefly explain some theory; otherwise, we proceed directly to practice. This basic exercise series aims to make you more aware of all your bodies and to free them from blockages. It is perfect for daily practice in the morning and can be adapted in duration at home to suit individual needs.

Content of the session

I. Yogic physical exercises:
1. Yoga exercise: Sun Salutation
2. Asanas: Seated Forward Bend, Pigeon Pose, and Seated Spinal Twist

II. Pranayama:

Strong Yogic Breathing
or alternatively:
- Kapalabhati
- Bhastrika (Breath of Fire)
- Kundalini Breathing
III. Emotional Body:
Healing meditation with love energy
or alternatively:
- Healing meditation with love energy for a specific chakra
- Unconditional Acceptance Exercise
IV. Meditation:
Self-awareness Meditation
V. Practice for the rest of the day