IV. Practice for the rest of the day

What can I do for the rest of the day to continue working on my self-knowledge and self-healing?

Since it is not enough to raise the vibration for a short period of the day and then fall back into old perspectives, unconsciousness, and old behavior, it is also necessary to bring more awareness into the rest of the day.

Sutra 1.13 Abhyasa (exercise, endeavor) is the constant effort to pacify the movements of the mind.”
Sutra 1.14 Surely success comes when suitable spiritual exercises are carried out over a long period, carried out consistently, seriously, and thoughtfully.” or “The practice becomes firmly established when carried out over a long period of time without interruption and with sincere devotion."
Sutra 3.10 Through repeated practice, the transition to silence becomes smooth.”

The time of practice, for which we specifically take time, is essential in order to be able to open ourselves to the higher and to advance in our self-knowledge and self-healing process, but that alone is not enough to effectively change the old state of being for the better and to open yourself up to the Higher Self sustainably. That's why I've listed here what you can do for the rest of the day to continue working on yourself:

I. Every moment or whenever you become aware of it

1. Be in the Spiritual Heart and in the position of the observer (or, if possible, even the observer's observer) with your attention, and at the same time, be fully and completely IN your bodies – in the here and now. 

2. Look 
into the world with the awareness that everything and everyone you meet is, in essence, God.

3. Consciously create thoughts that manifest the reality you want to experience, and let go of thoughts that create a reality that you don't want.

So to gain mastery over the mind, it's important to constantly be in the here and now, in the position of observer, not identified with the forms, and to simply perceive everything that arises within you as an experience and let it then go again. From this state, you can then consciously create the reality you want to create.

II. Additionally, live Yama and Niyama

Yamas: 1. Don't be violent, 2. Don't lie, 3. Don't steal, 4. Seeing God in everything, 5. Not wanting to own
Niyamas: 1. Purity, 2. Contentment, 3. Discipline, 4. Study of scriptures and self-reflection, 5. Trust in God

As Help: You can, for example, install the app Mindfulness Bell on your smartphone to remind you several times a day in random intervals, about this practice. Simply let go of all thoughts and emotions, even if, at first, you may only be able to do so for short moments at a time. Through practice, these moments become more frequent and longer and you enter deeper states of consciousness, even throughout the rest of the day.

Additionally, when you notice a negative emotion, you can look at what perspective created it and then replace it with a higher one.

Finally... here is an overview of the Five Bodies Yoga practice: V. Five Bodies Yoga practice overview