My music

'Praheya' (=a word from Sanskrit - the oldest still used language in the world) is the name under which I have been playing as a musician at parties and festivals since 2011.

With this project i want to use the frequencies of my music to create a space in which it is easier for the listener (especially at dance events) to reach higher states of consciousness. Likewise, this type of music (especially at events in nature in special places) can under certain circumstances unblock the earth's energy channels, as was shown to me in a vision at a festival.

Here's one of my tracks if you're interested in checking out my music:

If you want to know more about this project, you can visit my musician page here:


Under the artist name 'Cosmic Tunes' I also make slower music that is made in harmony with cosmic frequencies, which you can use for your meditations for example:

Cosmic Tunes