Pranayama Exercise

In this personally guided group or individual lesson, you will get to know the individual exercises of the Pranayama series of exercises, what effect they have, and how to practice them correctly.

In this series of exercises, we primarily practice so-called Pranayama exercises, which play an important part in Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga and have many positive effects on our body system. First we open and activate our body with the Sun Salutation, and then the Pranayama series of exercises begins. We first start with activating exercises, and then move on to calming and meditative exercises. Finally, we will practice a self-knowledge meditation.

Content of the session

I. Yogic physical exercise:
Sun Salutation
II. Pranayama exercise series:
2. Bhastrika (Fire Breathing)
3. Nadi Shodhana
4. Brahmari (Bee Breathing)
5. Udgeeth (Aum Chanting)
- Kundalini breathing
- Bahya Pranayama
III. Meditation:
Self-knowledge meditation