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What is Five Bodies Yoga, and what can you learn on this website?

Five Bodies Yoga is a holistic exercise system that is based on the original yoga teachings with the aim of self-healing and self-knowledge.

1. Self-healing: You will learn how you can dissolve or alleviate negative conditions (=pain, illness, lack of energy,...) in the physical, etheric (energetic), emotional, and mental body.

The Yoga Sutras:
Sutra 2.2 “If the practice is aimed at the goal, then the suffering will disappear along the way.”

2. Self-knowledge: You will learn how to open yourself up to experience your Higher Self and the Source of all being.

Sutra 1.2 “Yoga is the calming of the thought waves in the mind.”
Sutra 1.3 “Then the seer rests in its own true nature (true self).”

The Method

A considerable number of healing and awareness techniques that are taught and practiced on this planet solely or primarily focus on a singular aspect of the human body rather than effectively addressing imbalances on all levels.

This exercise system deals with your entire being - with each one of your five bodies. It is based on the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, as described in the original text of yoga, the Yoga Sutras.

The Five Bodies Model is a simplified representation of the various gross and subtle shells of our being, but it is sufficient in this form for our purpose.

The Five Bodies Yoga basic exercise series has been structured in such a way that you begin with the most gross, the physical body, and then gradually progress towards more subtle levels. Through practicing these exercises, you become more and more aware of the respective body, cleanse or clear it, and, over time, gain more mastery over it. By the way... each of the exercises can be practiced independently of the others for as long as you want!

Rough representation of the 5 human bodies with their respective auras

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About the content

In the course of my self-healing and self-knowledge path, I have looked at and practiced a lot of different knowledge and techniques. Here on this website, I would like to give you the essence of this knowledge and some of the most effective techniques that I have found in a logically structured and easy-to-understand manner, in the form of 'Five Bodies Yoga'.

This page is intended to be a virtual manual - so to speak - for those who are willing to do something for their own healing and to raise their consciousness. It's for those who are ready to take the path back home to themselves.

The goal is that, with the help of this knowledge and these exercises, your own awakening/raising of consciousness/healing becomes as harmonious an experience as possible. You will find many resources here that will serve you well on your journey.

How to use this website: simply read each page to the end (+practice any practices described therein), then click on the link at the bottom of the page that will take you to the next topic area.

There is also increasing evidence from science that certain alternative views (some of which have been taught in spiritual traditions for thousands of years) actually correspond to the true nature of things. You can find information about some of the studies that have been done on the respective topic on the corresponding pages in the section 'What does the science say about it?' at the end of the page.

If you open yourself up to the knowledge on this website and do the practices (regularly and over a longer period od time!), your perception of yourself and "All That Is" will change greatly over time. You will finally wake up from a deep dream (more and more) after a very long time and realize who you really are.

Sutra 4.15 “The same objects are grasped differently by states of consciousness in different ways.”

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