Chakra Healing through Unconditional Acceptance and Love Energy

In this personally guided group or individual session, you will learn about the individual exercises of the 'Chakra Healing through Unconditional Acceptance and Love Energy' series, their effects, and how to practice them correctly.

We acquire some important skills during this session:

  1. Prolonged focus of our attention on one point
  2. Conscious awareness of our 7 main energy centers and how it feels there
  3. Conscious generation of love energy
  4. Conscious direction of this love energy with our attention
  5. Conscious opening to our subconscious and inner guidance

As we store or block emotions in our body system throughout our lives due to various (traumatic) experiences, it is important that we learn to consciously feel them and thus bring them back into flow.

By taking our attention away from unwanted sensations and emotions, and continuously taking them away consciously or unconsciously - even though they are present - we resist what is, and thus prevent the transformation of these energies. Following the motto: What you reject cannot go.

In this exercise, we work with attention and love energy to bring blocked negative sensations and emotions back into flow, if they are ready for it. We focus specifically on bringing further awareness and healing into our main chakras.

Content of the session

I. Yogic physical exercise:
Sun Salutation
II. Pranayama:
Nadi Shodhana
III. Emotional body:
Chakra healing through Unconditional Acceptance and Love Energy
IV. Meditation:
Self-knowledge meditation