The Free Online Course yourself on ALL levels with 'Five Bodies Yoga'

Structure of the online course

I. Basics

The online course consists of 8 parts, whereby we first learn about what is important to consider for our practice to be successful. We then learn how to meditate and about the importance of the heart before embarking on our concrete journey of self-healing and self-knowledge.

II. Five Bodies Yoga - Part 1: SELF-healing

Now that we can concentrate or relax our attention a bit, we first devote ourselves to self-healing, starting with the densest of our bodies - the physical body. Second, we get to know the etheric body, then the emotional body, and finally the subtlest of these four - the mental body.

III. Five Bodies Yoga - Part 2: SELF-knowledge

On our journey of self-knowledge, we let go of identification with the 4 bodies previously discussed, thereby experiencing our causal body, and ultimately relaxing into our Higher (true) Self that is beyond the causal body.

The teachings about the different bodies of humans

There are different models to describe the different levels of the human body. One of the best-known is the model of the 5 sheaths (Sanskrit: Koshas) from the Taittiriya Upanishad of the yoga teachings. The model that I am utilizing in this context is one that I have personal experience with and find to be consistent with my own perspective. It also largely corresponds to the model of the five koshas.

About the Five Bodies Yoga basic exercise series 

The exercise series is intended to be practiced daily, preferably right in the morning. It is a general (not specifically targeted at a particular problem) practice that works step by step on all of your bodies, with the exercise of the emotional body also being adaptable to individual problems. It forms the perfect basis for your healing-  and awareness work, and only requires a small amount of time (but also offers you the option to practice longer/deeper). Furthermore, this series of exercises includes practices that are also enjoyable to perform in the long term, as they are not too strenuous, too easy, or too complicated but still highly effective.

If you want to achieve your desired goal as quickly as possible, there are also a few things you can do for the rest of the day and in the evening.

There is something I would like to remind you of before we get started. The key to getting from your current state to the desired state of being or consciousness is: practice!

As Swami Sivananda (the founder of Sivananda Yoga) aptly said, 'An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory!'

However, it is important not to fall into the mental trap of postponing happiness into the future, because the practice itself basically serves to recognize that what we are really looking for is already there, in the here and now.

So then... let's get started: I. Basics